Alex Lugo Tattoos | Tattoo Artist in Sarasota Florida

Welcome to Alex Lugo Tattoos!

With over 12 years of experience, Alex Lugo offers some of the areas finest artistry. Whether it be a tattoo, sculpture, or an original painting, you are sure to be amazed.

Specializing in portrait style tattoos and reproduction work, Alex offers a steady hand and fantastic designs. Call for an appointment to discuss a tattoo design and be sure to check out some of the works in the Tattoo and Art Galleries.

Thinking about getting a tattoo?

Getting a tattoo is permanent. There are some people who will tell you that tattoo removal is easy. It may be easier now, than it was years ago, though it is still a very painful and quite expensive process. Please do not use tattoo removal as an excuse to get one, instead make the right decision in the first place. Ask yourself all the questions before making an appointment with your artist. Don’t waste your time or theirs.

How to prepare before getting a tattoo?

One week before your appointment be sure to exfoliate your skin where the tattoo will be and moisturize every day. This will ensure a clean application and help in the healing process. Please do not consume alcohol in excess 48 hours prior to your appointment and be sure to have something to eat. This can lead to excessive bleeding and may cause the tattoo to fade prematurely.