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You have a tattoo, now what?

Tattoo Care Sheet

  1. Gently remove bandage after three (3) hours.
  2. Gently wash with warm water and mild soap, pat dry (no wiping), and apply a thin layer of A+D Ointment. Repeat three (3) times daily for three (3) days, then switch to a high quality hand lotion for the next two (2) weeks or until healing is complete.
  3. For a period of two (2) weeks, avoid chlorine pools, salt water, extended periods of time in the water, direct sunlight, and any type of rough treatment to your new tattoo.
  4. When showering, DO NOT allow the stream of water to hit your new tattoo directly.
  5. After your tattoo is completely healed, a sunblock of SPF30 or higher is required when exposed to ultraviolet light (sun, tanning beds, etc.).
  6. DO NOT pick, SCRATCH, or PULL on any peeling skin.
  7. Always remember to wash your hands before touching your fresh tattoo. Tattoos have to go through a complete healing process. Baby your new tattoo to insure maximum results.

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